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Gordon Boronow is the founder of Pol-Econcepts, LLC.  He brings the knowledge gained from a career spanning 45 years.  Gordon  has been a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries since 1980. After a successful actuarial career, he became President of American Skandia Life Assurance Corp.  in 1991.  The nineties were a decade of rapid growth for American Skandia, as the company pioneered new approaches to build a secure retirement. 


Gordon retired from American Skandia in 2001.  He went on to earn a PhD in economics from Stony Brook University in 2008.  He is now Associate Professor of Economics in the School of Business and Leadership at Nyack College, where he has been teaching since 2008.

Gordon's latest achievement is a breakthrough advance in teaching economics. His teaching model of the economy provides powerful insights into the way the economy behaves.  Yet it is accessible to students of all disciplines.


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Now Available:


Production, Property & Power

Making Sense of the Economy

In a concise and accessible book of less than 80 pages, Production, Property & Power presents a simple, yet rich framework to show how a modern day market-based economy works.

The PP&P framework of the economy goes well beyond simply production and consumption.  The PP&P model includes the process of saving and investment which is necessary to raise the standard of living.  And the PP&P model incorporates the important public sector to show how government policy fits into the economy. 

A major theme of the book is that a free economy allows people to make adjustments to their situation.  This freedom is a stabilizing force in a constantly changing world.


The richness of the PP&P framework will equip the reader to understand how the economy behaves as people in the economy respond and adjust to events taking place around us.

Available on Amazon or direct from Author.  For the Retirement Special Price of $10, contact the author at:  




Pol-Econcepts was founded by Gordon Boronow to conduct research, publish books and articles and market innovations in economics education, both academically and for continuing education.  He is available for presentations at schools and conferences  on topics of political economics.

Continuing Education credits can be available for seminar content.




Production, Property and Power Model:

(A Visual Model of the Semi-Free-Market Economy)


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